Matt Strauss

CEO & Founder

Matt recently received a Crains 20 in their 20s award for Solve’s tireless work bringing underserved communities together. His passion comes from mentoring many young people along the way and realizing the only thing holding people back is their lack of social capital. He built the Solve team around that central belief.

Dominique Wilson

Community Relations Associate

Dominique has experience supporting nonprofits domestically and internationally. What excites Dominique most about Solve is the ability to help create opportunities for others. When someone gets placed into a job or gets a referral supported by a nonprofit, he gets very happy knowing that their life is going to change for the better because of Solve’s help in creating and facilitating the opportunity that they otherwise would not have known about.

Scott Selby

Senior Developer

With over 10 years creating software architecture and writing code, Scott is helping to centrally build and improve Solve. Scott explains that it’s so much easier to code when you work for an emerging business, especially one with a positive social impact.

Jagoda Montufar

Marketing Associate

As a marketing associate at Solve, Jagoda's function is to raise awareness of Solve's mission to large audiences through multiple channels and content creation. Jagoda also creates graphic design and marketing pieces for the company. Her passion is to create opportunities for everyone that faces any barrier to employment because everyone deserves equal access.  

Demetrius Jennings

Community Relations Associate

Since high school Demetrius has been determined to make an impact in the community he grew up in. Solve has given him the chance to network with over a variety of different employers and nonprofits to better help the people he serves.

Harish Katta

Senior Developer

Full Stack Software Developer with over 6 years of work experience at Accenture, Mphasis and more. He loves programming, traveling and biking. He earned a M.S. from University of Illinois in Computer Science. Solve will soon to be able to help people at scale, and Harish is empowering that through every line of code.

Elizabeth Zhou

Marketing Intern

Elizabeth relays the message of Solve, through media outreach and blog posts. That means Elizabeth helps share the intangible stories behind the scenes of nonprofits, job candidates and employers.  

Ellis Sawyer

Community Relations Analyst

Ellis studies the Great Books At St. John's College. He is an entrepreneur at heart with a goal to develop a more equitable society, he sees Solve as a spring board to do that. He works closely with the community relations and marketing team to help Solve achieve its goals and grow.

Edwin Montufar

Data Architect

Edwin earned his BS in mathematics at The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. At Solve he works on ways to improve the data posture and develops analysis techniques for tracking the change and growth of individuals rejoining the workforce in the face of adversity.