Opportunity Zones are powerful investment vehicles, but let’s make sure everyone benefits.


Opportunity zones can provide endless economic opportunity. In order to make sure everyone can benefit, you must identify the right community organizer to bring the city and neighborhood together. After you've identified the right community organizer, you can create a community benefits plan with Solve.  Solve can help your neighborhood and city go live within 5 weeks! 


Time is the largest risk for investors and local residents. Residents need access as quickly as possible while opportunity zone investors need their projects to get off the ground as quickly as possible.

This happens through the intake process on Solve, which increases residents' access to jobs and resources. Also, this shows the community residents that economic development is equitable. 


Transparency is needed to make sure everyone is bettering the community together. Imagine seeing outcomes of jobs placed/created, and resources received, while knowing which employers played the biggest part. Elected officials and the community can then use the aggregate data to inform policy, adjusting the community benefits plan, and attracting new businesses to the community.